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Short Story - 'Milk' Empty Short Story - 'Milk'

Post by widget51 on Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:23 pm

I was walking downtown, pass the pub, and onto shady lane. The man with my goods stood directly behind the dumpster, concealed by the shadows. "Nyeh... ya got my munney?" He asked quickly, to which I replied with a swift pull of the trigger on my 9mm from the inside of my coat. "Yeah... but you won' be needin' it where your goin'," I laughed as he fell against the wall, leaving a small trail of blood down the side of it, "I'll jus' take my goods an' leave." And with that, I walked away, back to my apartment. As I opened the bag, I realized I had played for fool; my milk wasn't in the bag. The bag had a jug filled to the brim with a fine, white powder. "Cocaine... really? Did you think I was really that low?" I threw the bag out the window with the ferociousness of a crack-riddled black bear, cocaine and all.

This, so far, wasn't too bad of a day, but I still had to go and get the 'milk' for that guy... weird as fuck. "Alright, he's paying a god damn lot for it too... it better be worth it." I picked up his 'milk' and brought it to the alley, stood for a bit too. He finally arrived. "Nyeh... ya got my munney?" *Swiff- BLAM!!!* "GAH! FUCK! WHAT THE-" *BANG*.

Maybe I'll write more of the 'milk'...

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